Join Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill as they present the Connection Codes Foundations eCourse, the blueprint and tools for connecting deeply in relationships. They'll share science and personal stories in leading you to create the connections you crave. 

They will also cover how to powerfully improve your mental, emotional and physical health! This eCourse covers the Connection Codes Foundations, which is the material covered in 6 private sessions ($1200 value).

Week 1

  • The #1 fundamental, foundational, most pressing human need

  • Relational absence is worse than geographical absence

  • We are coded to move toward kindness and away from unkindness

  • Disregarding a person's experience disregards the person

  • We must feel heard; if not we get louder and louder, but eventually give up

  • Why versus what happens

Week 2

  • Emotion is a fundamental human right

  • Emotion serves a purpose

  • Emotion happens to you; you are responsible for your next action

  • Intense emotion shuts down cognition; unprocessed emotion hinders cognition

  • The brain doesn't distinguish physical and emotional pain

Week 3

  • Communicate the emotion, not through the emotion

  • Vulnerability invites safety; safety invites vulnerability

  • Loneliness is more damaging to health than cigarettes

  • Every interaction has a cycle. The goal is to keep the cycle from becoming a cyclone

  • When there is a stressor, the brain messages, "Danger! Beware!"

Week 4

  • The crippling damage of psycholation

  • Unprocessed emotion compromises the immune system

  • Unprocessed emotion facilitates debilitating illnesses, and psychological disorders

  • Psychological disorders exist on a spectrum, not in a category

  • Co-regulation uses 80% less energy than self regulation

  • Compassionate touch makes our cells healthier and is reciprocal with connection


A Game Changer

by Gay Hartley

Connection Codes Foundation series has been a Game changer! Where before, the emotions I felt got pushed down, I am learning to verbalize and process them. The Core Emotion Wheel has been invaluable in expressing feelings that have been stuck in the past. They now can come to the surface to be processed and dealt with, leaving me a lot lighter with baggage from the past left behind. As a result, I have recently reunited with a sibling who hasn’t communicated with me for decades. I am so grateful for this series and to Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill. This is life-changing, and I can thoroughly recommend it to others to improve relationships. Best regards!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Connection Codes Foundations Session 1

    • Foundations Session 1 Recording - Oct 2021

    • CC - Identity Worksheet 1

    • CC - Identity Experience Assignment 1

    • CC - Identity Worksheet 2

    • CC - Identity Experience Assignment 2

    • CC - Identity Worksheet 1 - Answer Key

    • CC - Identity Worksheet 2 - Answer Key

  • 2

    Connection Codes Foundations Session 2

    • Foundations Session 2 Recording - Oct 2021

    • CC - Emotion Worksheet 1

    • CC - Emotion Experience Assignment

    • CC - Emotion Worksheet 2

    • CC - Core Emotion Wheel

    • Emoji Wheel

    • CC - Core Emotion Wheel Experience Instructions

    • Brain (Re)Training

    • CC - Emotion Worksheet 1 - Answer Key

    • CC - Emotion Worksheet 2 - Answer Key

  • 3

    Connection Codes Foundations Session 3

    • Foundations Session 3 Recording - Oct 2021

    • CC - Emotion Worksheet 3

    • CC - Core Emotion Wheel

    • CC - The Cycle Worksheet

    • CC - The Cycle Experience Assignment

    • CC - Emotion Worksheet 3 - Answer Key

    • CC - The Cycle Worksheet - Answer Key

  • 4

    Connection Codes Foundation Session 4

    • Foundations Session 4 Recording - Oct 2021

    • CC - Relationship Science Worksheet 1

    • CC - Co-regulation Experience Assignment

    • CC - Relationship Science Worksheet 2

    • CC - Relationship Science Worksheet 1 - Answer Key

    • CC - Relationship Science Worksheet 2 - Answer Key

  • 5

    The Connection You Crave

    • The Connection You Crave

Your Instructors

Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill

Founders of the Connection Codes. Dr Glenn is a marriage and family therapist, as well as a clinical sexologist. Glenn & Phyllis help individuals and couples experience the connection they have always dreamed of – both emotionally and physically. They have a unique and proven approach that has helped thousands around the world just like you heal the hurts that hold them back from deep connection and intimacy.

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