Join Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill and their daughter Echo Vetter as they present Connection Codes for Parenting!

You have 90 days to complete the course which should allow you plenty of time to watch the recordings, complete the worksheets and practice practice practice what you are learning. 

Through science and personal stories they will cover topics like:

  • Tantrums

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Bedtime battles

  • Parental burnout

  • Calming rituals

  • How to connect with your teen

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Breaking generational curses

  • Raising emotionally intelligent children


A Game Changer

by Laurie Tucker

“As a mother, I have found the Connections Codes parenting strategies extremely helpful in calming and communicating with an emotional toddler. As a general pediatrician, the Connection Code tools have also given me a new tangible framework to help explain children’s emotional needs and development to families in my pediatric practice.”

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before you get started!

    • Before you get started!

  • 2

    Parenting Session 1

    • Recording of Parenting Session 1

    • Identity Worksheet 1 Parenting

    • Identity Experience Assignment 1 Parenting

    • Identity Worksheet 2 Parenting

    • Identity Experience Assignment 2 Parenting

    • Identity Worksheet 1 - Answer Key Parenting

    • Identity Worksheet 2 - Answer Key Parenting

  • 3

    Parenting Session 2

    • Recording of Parenting Session 2

    • Emotion Worksheet 1 Parenting

    • Emotion Experience Assignment Parenting

    • Emotion Worksheet 2 Parenting

    • Core Emotion Wheel

    • Emoji Wheel

    • Core Emotion Wheel Experience Instructions

    • Emotion Worksheet 1 - Answer Key Parenting

    • Emotion Worksheet 2 - Answer Key Parenting

  • 4

    Parenting Session 3

    • Recording of Parenting Session 3

    • Emotion 3 Worksheet Parenting

    • Core Emotion Wheel

    • The Emoji Wheel

    • The Cycle Worksheet Parenting

    • The Cycle Experience Assignment Parenting

    • Emotion Worksheet 3 - Answer Key Parenting

    • The Cycle Worksheet - Answer Key Parenting

  • 5

    Parenting Session 4

    • Recording of Parenting Session 4

    • Relationship Science Worksheet 1 & 2 Parenting

    • Co-regulation Experience Assignment Parenting

    • CC - Relationship Science Worksheet 1 & 2 - Answer Key Parenting

Your Instructors

Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill

Founders of the Connection Codes. Dr Glenn is a marriage and family therapist, as well as a clinical sexologist. Glenn & Phyllis help individuals and couples experience the connection they have always dreamed of – both emotionally and physically. They have a unique and proven approach that has helped thousands around the world just like you heal the hurts that hold them back from deep connection and intimacy.


Echo Vetter

Echo Vetter is Phyllis and Glenn’s oldest child. She is a wife, writer, Connection Codes coach and homeschooling mom of five with a passion for mental health, women’s health and helping families connect and thrive.

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